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Tax Examptions & Tax Relief for EVs and Charging in Malyasia

Here you can find our complete guide to grants and rebates for buying an electric vehicle (EV) and EV charging station at home. 


The awesome grants and rebates for EVs and EV charging stations make driving electric as green as possible. Check out the incentives for EV charging and see how much you could save.


1. Tax Exemptions

EVs are proposed to be completely exempt from import duty, excise duty and sales tax. (The hefty part in Malaysia)


2. Road Tax Exemption

Take Honda City as an example. The 1498cc vehicle costs RM90 of road tax per annum. 

With an EV, you can save this amount of money despite it's a small amount. 


3. Income Tax Relief

Up to RM2,500 will be provided for the following: 

  • purchasing and installing EV charging facilities;

  • renting EV charging facilities;

  • subscription payments of EV charging facilities.

  • Keep the receipt issued by EvGuru for the tax return.

Offer period for tax relief

CBU electric cars enjoy 100% duty exemption up to 31st December 2023, whereas CDK electric cars benefit up to 31st December 2025. It's good news when the government encourages the number of electric vehicles on the roads with the duty exemption. And soon, the local assembly activities would pick up sooner or later  

Buy Now to Get Your Credit

EvGuru offers various brands and lets you pick the right charging speed for your electric vehicle (EV). 

All items on EvGuru come with a warranty and 24/7 support. Buy now for up to RM2,500 back from the personal income tax return.

How EVGURU Works


Find your charger

Choose the suitable charger that meets your need, such as charging power, plug type, etc.



Consult us at any time to solve any problems related to the selection and installation. Get Quotation Now!


worry-free purchase

Enjoy a basic warranty when you buy EvGuru Charger.


delivery & installation

It’s all ready. You can now sit back, wait for the delivery and the electrician for installation.

For Every Brand & Model ϟ

EvGuru makes it simple to charge every electric vehicle at home.

We have a team of experienced & licensed EV charger installers.

Get a quote now and save an average of RM1,500 with us.

EVGURU now in

Say goodbye to the stress of sorting through multiple quotes, costs, and the hassle of figuring out paperwork to get permits and rebates.


We have a team of professional electricians and experts to ensure that every installation is up to code and meet the world's standard. Our products and practices meet all the EU, UK and US standards. Costs are open and transparent. 



Case Studies of Our Products ϟ

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