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EV Charging in Condo

EV Charging Solutions for Condo, Apartment & Shared Parking

If you live in a condominium and apartment, we can provide a solution to install EV chargers at your parking bay or the community parking bays (shared by different residents). If you are a resident, we can communicate directly with your Management. We do all for you. 

Which parking mode best describes your needs


Community charging

Drivers take turns charging in a shared, mixed-use or valet parking area

+ 2 or more drivers sharing a station

Monthly subscription plan or charges by hours paid by drivers

+ A cloud system is available to control and monitor the chargers

You might be interested in community charging if you:

+ manage a car park/shopping mall/office buildings/standalone fast-food restaurants. etc

+ Are part of a mixed-use development

+ Don’t have assigned parking spaces

+ Have busy guest parking

+ Like your residents to pay you directly 


Personal charging

Drivers charge at an assigned parking spot

+ 1 driver account to 1 station

Monthly service paid by the driver

+ Maintenance included in service

You might be interested in personal charging if you:

+ Want to stand out by offering the most convenient charging experience to your residents

+ Live in/manage a condo property

+ Have dedicated parking for residents

EV Charging for Condo


Charge your car at your designated parking spot with EV Guru App / RFID card for exclusive access.

Use our EV Guru mobile app to track charging sessions, pay electricity bills and set charging reminders.

Get EV Charging:

+ We work with you and your management office to design an EV charging policy.


Download the brochure and forward it to your management office now.


Are you a condo resident and don't know how to deal with these complex processes?

If you've been thinking about discussing EV charging with your property manager, but it doesn't seem like they know anything about electric charging, and you don't know where to start, we are here to help.


Contact us today, and we can speak to your property management manager to explain the benefits of EV charging for your property and discuss the installation process with them. You might be surprised by the response (many residents wish to have EV Charging facility at their condominiums but encounter the same obstacles)! ​


If they need more advice or any concern, we have a solution.


Don't hesitate to contact us now!

How EVGURU Works for Community Charging


1. Installation

EvGuru works with property management companies and committees to discuss, communicate, and install EV charging infrastructure and stations.


2. Configuration

EvGuru activates and configures stations and presets all the necessary settings. Then, we will educate users to operate the system. And they are ready to go!


3. Access

Property management companies decide who will have access to the charging stations.


4. Payment

Drivers charge at the designated EV charging stations, paying a monthly fee and any charging session fees set by the property.


5. Revenue

Property management companies easily view the total revenue, power usage, etc. and decide what’s the plan next. Making extra revenue by offering an additional facility to their residents!

Tell us what your needs are and we will customise a solution that best suits you

Our Products & Services

Charging Stations


We offer a wide range of high quality, state-gap certified electric vehicle charging stations in different price ranges and features.

Charging Management


We provide a CMS system that allows you to easily manage your chargers, including load management, pricing, billing, access rights, etc.

Charging Accessories


We have it all, from charging cables, charging plugs, meters, DB, MCBs, RCCBs, and mounting accessories to RFID cards. We are your strongest backing!



From concept, planning, installation, pricing, and payment gateway to support, we help your business get off to a smooth start.

Ask for advice now


Install Once, Charge Forever

No matter the EV model you drive or how much space is available in your electrical panel, EvGuru can help!
Need help installing a Guru Charger? We can help you! Get an Installation Quote now!


Save Money on Home Charging

If you pay RM250 per month for petrol for one vehicle, you could save RM194.70 per month. And it's RM2336.40 per annum. ​


If there are two cars in your household, which happens very often in Malaysia, you save RM4,672.80 per annum!

Not sure about the charging time required for a certain distance and energy consumption?

EvGuru develops an EV Charging Calculator.

You could easily calculate how much time you need to charge your EV fully. The calculator also helps calculate the charging duration required to reach a destination. 

Thus, estimate the electricity bill. 


Tax Exemptions & Tax Relief for EVs and Charging in Malaysia

The awesome grants and rebates for EVs and EV charging stations make driving EVs affordable! Check out the incentives for EV charging and see how much you could save.

EVGURU now in

Say goodbye to the stress of sorting through multiple quotes, costs, and the hassle of figuring out paperwork to get permits and rebates.


We have a team of professional electricians and experts to ensure that every installation is up to code and meet the world's standard. Our products and practices meet all the EU, UK and US standards. Costs are open and transparent. 


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