To use the EvGuru Ultra-Fast DC Charging Station, plug it in and start charging. With the EvGuru CMS and App, you can check availability, monitor charging status or get notified when you're ready to go.

Ultra-Fast DC Charging

DC charging solutions for car parks, gas stations, fleets and businesses

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Attract new & repeat customers

Customers (in the case of commercial shopping complexes) are more likely to eat at a restaurant or shop in a mall that provides unrestricted (if possible) access to EV charging points. Studies show that 35%+ customers will return to such properties.


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EvGuru designs, plans, constructs, and operates the DC Chargers (Superchargers) for you. No maintenance or extra work is required.


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DC Charging Solutions



We offer a wide range of high quality, state-gap certified electric vehicle charging stations in different price ranges and features.



We provide a CMS system that allows you to easily manage your chargers, including load management, pricing, billing, access rights, etc.


We have it all, from charging cables, charging plugs, meters, DB, MCBs, RCCBs, and mounting accessories to RFID cards. We are your strongest backing!

Turnkey Solution


From concept, planning, installation, pricing, and payment gateway to support, we help your business get off to a smooth start.

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Extra Revenue, It’s an Investment, NOT an expense!

  • Property owners can charge customers for using their EV charging stations, thereby creating a new and additional stream of regular revenue. Your income increases as the number of EVs increases. You can charge more money for fast chargers.

  • For example, RM15,000 of investment for 3 chargers.

  • ROI is around 80% - 100% in a year*

  • Additional RM15,000 revenue per annum* (subject to the number of subscribers)


DC Hardware

Explore our range of DC charging products, no matter what your business needs, we have something to suit all vehicle types and charging requirements.



T Series

  • Power output up to 40kW.

  • Simultaneous dual charging option with 20kW of power from each charging channel.

  • Easy to move and doesn’t require a fixed installation.

  • Built-in LED charging status indicator and intuitive user interface.

  • Adopting CCS2 and CHAdeMO.

  • Single or Dual Output Cables.

  • Suitable for both 63A and 32A sockets. 

  • Dynamic functionality with 2 outlets, 40 kW to one charging point or 20 kW to both. 

  • Wireless or Ethernet connection enables remote control & diagnostics and software updates. 

  • Possibility to remove the wheels for fixed installation (with optional parts).

  • Possibility to lock the device to the base with a padlock.

40kW Portable DC Charger

Suitable for both 63A and 32A sockets | CCCS2 & CHAdeMO Plugs

Portable charger with dual charging option - fast charging anywhere you need it.



S Series

  • Power output up to 600kW.

  • Add up to 8 satellite poles for dynamic power distribution.

  • Advanced charging cable handling.

  • Suitable for all charging standards: CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2.

  • DC charging satellites are built with advanced cable support (pat. pend.) to provide premium user experience.

  • Intuitive user menu on a 7” touch screen makes charging easy to access and manage.

  • DC charging satellites enable flexibility on charging system topology.

  • The cable support can be installed on the left or right side both sides (dual output) of the satellite pole to improve access.

  • Cloud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management.

DC Charger (Add up to 8 satellite poles)

Power Output 800kW | Satellite Max. Charging Power 200kW

S-series charging solutions match on locations where heavy-duty usage and high number of charging points are needed - such as gas stations, shopping malls, distribution centers, parking areas and Bus depots.


Terra 184

Key features:

  • Power output up to 180kW.

  • Simultaneous dual charging option with 90kW of power from each charging channel.

  • Flexible power architecture supporting high uptime. Suitable for all charging standards:

  • CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2.

Power sharing for high utilisation:

  • Terra 184 can charge two vehicles simultaneously

  • High utilisation of charging assets benefit both public and fleet business models

  • Supports all open charging standards in flexible configurations

  • Safety certified to the highest standards

Future-proof, flexible high- voltage technology:

  • Flexible, redundant power architecture supports high uptime

  • High-voltage charging range up to 920V

  • Fully compatible with current and future EVs

  • Option to upgrade power over time, from 90 kW up to 180 kW, to follow EV market growth

Reliable, compact and flexible design:

  • Based on the Terra platform, the most widely deployed DCFC family in the world

  • Space-saving, all-in-one footprint with very easy installation and servicing

  • Robust construction for all operational environments

  • Cable management options enhance longevity

Always connected, always smart:

  • 24/7 connectivity

  • Remote services with remote firmware updates and upgrades

  • OCPP compliant

  • Autocharge and ISO 15118-ready for plug and charge operation

180kW DC Charger

All-in-one fast charger with power sharing for quick and convenient charging of all vehicle models.

The Terra DC fast chargers are designed for convenient charging of all electric vehicles, including future models with high voltage battery systems. The compact size makes it perfect for urban use, with flexibility to upgrade charging power up to 180kW and the ability to charge up to 2 vehicles at the same time.




  • CCS combo plug type

  • 4.3-inch color touch screen

  • 30/40kW

  • Ethernet, optional: Cellular / WiFi / Bluetooth

  • OCPP1.6J

  • Max. Output Current: 100A / 120A

  • Certifications: CE certified

  • Authorisation: RFID / App

  • Input Voltage: 3-phase 400VAC±15%

  • Input Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

  • Product Dimension: 640mm*160mm*550mm (W*D*H)

  • Packing Dimension: 910mm*810mm*430mm (W*D*H)

  • Weight: 55kg (Net) / 82kg (Gross)


DC Charger | 30kW / 40kW

CCS 1 or CCS2 Plug

This lightweight DC charger is suitable for business needs with limited space but fast charging, allowing you to use land resources more flexibly and maximize profits.




  • CCS combo plug type

  • 7-inch color touch screen

  • 60kW - 240kW (Customisable)

  • Ethernet, optional: Cellular / WiFi / Bluetooth

  • OCPP1.6J

  • Max. Output Current: 200A

  • Certifications: CE certified , TUV (Optional)

  • Authorisation: RFID / App

  • Input Voltage: 3-phase 400VAC±15%

  • Input Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

  • Product Dimension: 700mm*550mm*1800mm (W*D*H) or 750mm*550mm*1900mm (W*D*H)

  • Packing Dimension: 950mm*720mm*1950mm (W*D*H) or 1000mm*920mm*2100mm (W*D*H)

  • Weight: 257kg - 366kg (Net) / 276kg - 386kg (Gross)

Raptors DC Charger | 60kW - 240kW

Customisable Output Power 60kW - 240kW

Raptors DC fast chargers are designed to charge all electric vehicles. The size makes it ideal for urban use, with the flexibility to upgrade the charging power to 240kW and the ability to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously.


Intelligent Cloud

EVGURU Cloud Powers Up Your Business

The EVGURU Cloud Program enables EV charging station owners to efficiently operate and customize the EV charging station to meet their specific requirements. No matter what business you are in, there is a cloud plan that can make your charging solution deployment a success. Thus, extra revenue for your business. 

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