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Extra Revenue at No Costs

Car Dealers
EV Chargers Reselling Program 

Are you selling EVs to your customers? How about offering EV Chargers to your customers for extra revenue? Your customers will appreciate your value-added services!


If you are not selling EVs now, would you like to make revenue by introducing EvGuru to others? You could introduce EvGuru to anyone who is getting an EV, or even if you know a business that owns a carpark (such as condominiums, shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, petrol stations, etc.), you could introduce it to us. 

As a Car Dealer, do you want to take advantage of the huge growth in the EV market?

We are offering an EV Chargers Reselling program. You can refer your customers or any potential customers to us. For every sale we make, we offer a hefty percentage of commission.

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Extra Income

Earn great referral fees easily!


Flexible Plan

Whether you are selling EVs or not, we have a program for you!


Added Value

Added Value Service for Your Customers



​Training will be provided.


We will provide you with everything you need

Free Training Program


Under this program, we will educate you about Electric vehicles (EVs), how EVs work, how charging works, how you could benefit from our program, etc. 

Low Price Sample


We offer 1-2 sample EV chargers at a low price installed at your company. Potential car buyers will be surprised to see the technology and experience it. 

New Potential Market


In the future, when they are ready to buy EVs, they will come back to you!

Risk Free Try

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As a dealer, you will be more competitive to offer more products to your customers, so why not start now

It's free to learn more about this opportunity. 


Don't wait! EV is the future! 

Please leave your contact details, and we will keep in touch with you.

If you are interested in participating in the reseller program please send us a message
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!


EVGURU now in

Say goodbye to the stress of sorting through multiple quotes, costs, and the hassle of figuring out paperwork to get permits and rebates.


We have a team of professional electricians and experts to ensure that every installation is up to code and meet the world's standard. Our products and practices meet all the EU, UK and US standards. Costs are open and transparent. 

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