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Buying the Right EV Charger in Malaysia

Your Essential Guide covers types, installation, budgeting tips, and incentives for informed choices

One of the most important steps to living with an electric car is selecting the right EV charger in Malaysia. It's more than just plugging in; it really is about keeping your vehicle ready to roll whenever you are. Our team at EVGURU is committed to giving you the best charging experience, and it all starts here – with a comprehensive EV Charger Installation Guide that’ll take you through everything needed to select the best EV charger for you in terms of needs, lifestyle, and budget.


1. Understand the Available EV Charger Options in Malaysia

Every before-you-buy process should start with a research-oriented strategy. There are 3 types of chargers on the market:​

Guru Go Single-Phase 7kW 32A CEE 3-pin Plug Portable EV Charger-2.jpg

Level 1 Chargers

Working with any standard 120-volt household outlet, these setups do not require professional installation. The charging speed is modest, usually adding about 4 to 5 miles of range per hour, generally just enough to satisfy basic driving needs. They’re a decent budget pick, best suited for overnight charging or for those with relatively short daily commutes. However, this range represents the starting point of the EV charging system at no added expense. If you’ve got the budget, we recommend you upgrade.


Level 2 Chargers

A major step up, Level 2 chargers are much more powerful, requiring a 240-volt outlet—about the kind your clothes dryer or oven uses—and offering about 20-30 miles of range per hour of charging. They represent the best compromise between the speed of charging and the installation cost, as well as operational expenses. If your family does regular long trips or sometimes forgets to top up the electric juice, these are considered the best EV chargers for homes. Check out our range of home chargers that fit this bill.


DC Fast Chargers (Level 3)

The rulers of the EV chargers; under perfect scenarios, they can charge up to 80% in just 20-30 minutes. Due to the very high power demands and the expensive installation at a consumer level, DC Fast Chargers are really limited to larger organizational charging stations. Compatibility with your particular EV model is another significant consideration. Most modern EVs and their associated chargers use a standardized connector for Level 1 and Level 2. However, if you have a Tesla or require a specific type, you might need access to unique DC networks such as Tesla’s Superchargers, CHAdeMO, or CCS networks. Explore our DC charging solutions and speak to an expert to set up your network.

2. Evaluating Your Charging Needs

Deciding which level of charger you should get depends on many factors. From driving ranges to the predictability of routes, these are important considerations.

Driving Range


If your car typically travels short distances each day, then a Level 1 charger is likely the best choice for you.

Travel Frequency


For the EV owner who travels more extensively and is tight on time, a Level 2 charger is recommended.

Home and Electricity Factors


Also, consider other factors like the size of your home, pricing, and electricity usage.



To address this, create a note of your preferential details so that you don’t face any issues when making a purchase.

3. Installation Considerations



Most homeowners locate their home charging stations in the garage, although they can also be placed in the driveway or a designated exterior location.


Space and Cable Reach

Consider the spacing around the vehicle port for charging and ensure the cable reaches well, so the cables don’t stretch. Alternatively, consider an extension to the post location.


Electric Capacity

Your charging point has a lot to do with the electric capacity in your home. Installing a Level 2 charger may require upgrading your home's electrical panel or even installing a dedicated circuit.


4. Cable Length and Charger Placement



Placement depends on how your car storage and garage are structured. Always check the length of the cable and cross-reference it with your installation plans so that you don’t encounter any snags later.



With a longer cable, you have more freedom to position the car relative to the charger in your parking area.


Power Source Proximity

Also, remember to consider the distance of the cable from the power source to your parking space; it should comfortably stretch with some slack left after your ride’s plugged in.

EVs are The Future. Why not Install Your Own Home Charging station.


Smart Chargers:

If you’re tech-savvy, advanced convenience features might be useful to you.

The vehicle user might also get to know at what power level to charge the vehicle, the number of kWh used, and all status alerts. The Guru Swift is a great pick here with features like WiFi & Bluetooth smart connectivity, which allow you to control and view the vehicle charging sessions remotely over your network. This adds a level of convenience and possible savings that may appeal to you, it also adds to the price tag of both devices. 

Budgeting and Incentives

The type of charger that you get will highly be determined by your budget.

money (2).png

Budget Influence

Level 2 chargers offer added convenience but, of course, incur higher initial costs of buying and later for installation.


Cost of Level 2 Chargers

It’s a good idea to check for local and national level incentives, rebates, and tax credits, which may offset such costs.



Most areas offer programs encouraging EV adoption and hence cut out-of-pocket costs significantly.


Pricing Plans

Looking to buy something that offers quality charging but don’t have the cash ready? EVGURU’s range of home chargers offers a variety of pricing plans including instalment-based payments that take the load off big EV charger costs.


5. Choosing a Reliable Charger: Warranties and Reviews

A good charger should always be reliable

Repairing Tablet

Warranty Importance

Try to look for products backed by strong warranties and responsive customer service that will make you get the help you need in case of anything. A longer warranty period might mean peace of mind for your investment. For example, EVGURU offers a free 2-year basic warranty to customers who purchase Chargers and opt for installation by EVGURU (this includes labor costs as well!).

Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Customer Service

Choosing products with responsive customer service is important because it ensures you have support for resolving any potential issues quickly and efficiently. Good customer support can help with troubleshooting, facilitate returns or repairs, and provide useful product information, enhancing your overall experience and satisfaction.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Community Feedback

Additionally, a great way to judge any product’s reception is through customer reviews or even product recommendations. Try to go for 3rd party websites that provide unbiased insights into the charger's performance within real life and reliability. Look into opinions and experiences from online forums & social networking groups as well. 


EVGURU Home EV Charger Powers Up Your Living

If you followed all our checklist items, you’re well on your way to buying some of the best EV chargers on the market.
No product will fill every checkbox perfectly. It all comes down to the one that best strikes a balance between your needs, preferences, and budget. And remember, preferences are subjective so go with your gut when choosing a charging solution that fits in your day-to-day life.

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Suggested Home EV Chargers

"Contact us to discover the best charger for your needs and learn about our exclusive discounts."



Swift Advance



from RM 3,059

or 3 instalments
RM 1,019 / month

7kW, 11kw & 22kW Charger

Appealing appearance, easy-to use, meet the needs of most users.



Mini / Mini Pro 2



from RM 3,809

or 3 instalments
RM 1269 / month

7kW & 22kW Charger

Options: Socket (No Cable)  / Tethered (With Cable) / APP

Simple and powerful. Unrivaled range of finishes to suit your home.






from RM 3,059

or 3 instalments
RM 1,019 / month

7kW, 11kw & 22kW Charger

Options: Tethered (With Cable) / OCPP / APP / RFID / Network

Appealing appearance, easy-to use, meet the needs of most users.



Basic / Genius 2



from RM 3,899

or 3 instalments
RM 1,299/ month

7kW, 11kW & 22kW Charger

Options: Socket (No Cable)  / Tethered (With Cable) / OCPP / APP / RFID / Network

Stylish and solid.  Made in the UK.


For Every Brand & Model ϟ

EVGURU now in

Say goodbye to the stress of sorting through multiple quotes, costs, and the hassle of figuring out paperwork to get permits and rebates.


We have a team of professional electricians and experts to ensure that every installation is up to code and meet the world's standard. Our products and practices meet all the EU, UK and US standards. Costs are open and transparent. 


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