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Resellers & Partners

Join the EvGuru Partner Program

Introduce EV Charging Solutions to your customers or contacts and make a profit. Join now!


Become an EvGuru Authorised Reseller

Do you have access to businesses that own or manage a car park(s)? It could be property management companies, car park management companies, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, restaurants, and more. 


How about introducing the leading EV Charging brand, EvGuru, to your customers? Think of it as a win-win situation – you provide a charging solution to your customers' electric vehicles while making a profit.

Add The Fast-Growing EV Charging Business to Your Portfolio

EvGuru offers different collaboration programs, and you can be sure there will be one that fits you. 

More importantly, we thrive on ensuring our partners succeed in the business. Adding the EV charging business diversifies your business portfolio, thus smoothing out returns and improving long-term portfolio performance.  


As soon as the client you introduce to the program signs the deal, they will be under your account at all times! Sit back and enjoy the steady and consistent cash flow. (T&C Apply)


Alongside our trusted partners, we're continually improving the availability and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure across South East Asia.


You Have EvGuru Support at All Times

EvGuru provides exclusive support, resources, training, and connections to help our partners gain a competitive advantage in the electric vehicle market. You won't need to set up a team to own and run your EV charging business, EvGuru, the EV industry leader, will support and champion your new venture.


Working together, we are improving the availability and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

Benefits of Joining EvGuru Authorized Reseller Partner Program

  • A flexible business model that suits all potential client locations

  • Elite salesperson and installer training

  • Tried and tested selling resources, tips, and tools

  • Comprehensive and industry-specific marketing materials (if necessary)

  • Dedicated partner support


Our Charging Solutions



We offer a wide range of high quality, state-gap certified electric vehicle charging stations in different price ranges and features.



We provide a CMS system that allows you to easily manage your chargers, including load management, pricing, billing, access rights, etc.



We have it all, from charging cables, charging plugs, meters, DB, MCBs, RCCBs, and mounting accessories to RFID cards. We are your strongest backing!

Turnkey Solution


From concept, planning, installation, pricing, and payment gateway to support, we help your business get off to a smooth start.


Low Entry Requirement

You do not need to hire a large team or break the bank to get into the business. The EvGuru technical team will provide you with business expertise and tailor-made solutions to spearhead growth and success in the EV industry. 


Focus on your sales and marketing work. EvGuru is ready to provide you with around-the-clock business support.

Join Us Now!


EVGURU now in

Say goodbye to the stress of sorting through multiple quotes, costs, and the hassle of figuring out paperwork to get permits and rebates.


We have a team of professional electricians and experts to ensure that every installation is up to code and meet the world's standard. Our products and practices meet all the EU, UK and US standards. Costs are open and transparent. 


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