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Upgrade Your Tesla Model Y with Stylish and Reliable All-Weather Floor Mats


Looking for high-quality and stylish floor mats for your Tesla Model Y? You've come to the right place! Our floor mats are designed to provide the perfect fit, outstanding performance, and exquisite looks, surpassing all competitors in fit, finish, and durability. We've dedicated 9 months to perfecting our 3D floor mats to ensure they are the best on the market.




  • Protect and Enhance: Our EvTiger floor mats not only shield your car's interior from dirt and debris but also add a touch of elegance. With their carbon fiber texture surface layer and unique pattern, they bring a modern minimalist appeal to your Tesla's interiors. The gorgeous black color effortlessly complements your Tesla's upholstery, elevating its overall decor.
  • Functional and Eco-Friendly: Our Tesla Model Y Floor Mats are crafted using a unique process. We combine an exceptionally durable Thermoplastic Elastomer surface with a cross-linked polyethylene center, providing a soft and comfortable feel with a durable and attractive finish. To ensure they stay in place, even during vigorous use, we've incorporated our exclusive "SureGrip Technology" PET backing. No more worries about mats shifting underfoot!
  • Beautifully Designed: Our mats are as elegant and clean as your Tesla. We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your car's interior, so our mats feature a sleek design without unsightly logos or distracting patterns.
  • No More Unpleasant Odors: Say goodbye to unpleasant smells! Our mats are odorless right out of the box, so you can enjoy a fresh and clean driving experience without the need to roll down your windows. They have been tested and proven safe, even for sensitive noses.
  • Comfort and Convenience: We care about your driving experience. That's why our floor mats are designed with a semi-hard XPE foaming interior. This feature minimizes foot fatigue and acts as a sound barrier, ensuring a more comfortable and quieter ride. Additionally, our mats are crafted with an anti-skid backing, keeping them firmly in place without causing any damage to your original carpet.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your Tesla Model Y with our exceptional floor mats. Protect your car's interior with style and order yours today!


Please note that these floor mats are not available for the 7-seat Model Y.

Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats

PriceFrom RM220.00

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