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Elevate Your Tesla with Brilliant Puddle Lights!


If you're a Tesla owner, we have something special for you - our Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Puddle Lights.




  • Perfectly Designed for Your Tesla: Our puddle lights are exclusively crafted for Tesla Model 3, Y, X, and S. These lights are integrally injection-molded, which means they won't separate or deform during installation. Get ready for a perfect fit.
  • A Gift for Tesla Enthusiasts: We're about to transform your car's original dim lights into a brilliant illumination. Our unique Tesla logo projection isn't just a light; it's a style upgrade. It adds a touch of class to your vehicle's ambience.
  • Easy Installation: Installing these lights couldn't be easier. You don't need to be a tech expert. Just grab a screwdriver, remove your stock lights, and insert our Tesla logo lights. It's as simple as that.
  • Sharper, Brighter, and Resilient: We've designed these lights with superior laser-etched projection glass. This means they're incredibly clear and built to last. The projection is ultra-bright and will never fade. Plus, with upgraded aluminum back covers, these lights can withstand high temperatures and corrosion.


Elevate your Tesla experience with these brilliant puddle lights. They are designed exclusively for your Tesla Model 3, Y, X, and S. Say goodbye to dim, uninspiring lights, and say hello to a new level of illumination. Order now and give your Tesla the upgrade it deserves!

Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Puddle Lights


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