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Enhance Your Tesla's Safety with our Jack Point Adapter Pads (4pcs)


Are you a proud Tesla owner? If so, these Jack Point Adapter Pads are a must-have for your Model S, 3, X, or Y. 




  • Tailored for Tesla: Our Jack Point Adapter Pads are not one-size-fits-all. They are specially designed for your Tesla Model 3, S, X, or Y. No more worries about compatibility.
  • Maximum Protection: Our robust rubber padding is like a shield for your beloved Tesla. It prevents any damage to the vehicle's body and side sills while providing exceptional stability during lifting. You can trust that your car will remain unharmed.
  • Durable: The rubber support frame is made from durable materials, ensuring longevity. It protects your car's frame rails and pinch seams from bending when using a jack. Plus, it's wear-resistant, non-slip, and won't deform. It even safeguards painted or coated chassis parts.
  • Easy to install: These adapter pads are suitable for individuals and repair shops alike. Simply insert the pad into the jack hole, position your jack directly under it, and ensure it's centered on the adapter pad. It's easy, efficient, and will keep your Tesla safe during maintenance.


Keep your Tesla in top condition with our Jack Point Adapter Pads. They're a small investment in the safety and maintenance of your prized vehicle. Don't wait until the next maintenance day – order yours now and enjoy worry-free Tesla ownership!

Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Jack Point Adapter Pads 4pcs


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