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This coiled cable is specially designed for electric vehicle (EV) charging, generally called a mode 3 EV charging cable, used to connect EV charger and EV. This product is waterproof and can be used outdoor and in a rainy environment. The product is equipped with a unique temperature monitoring system. It will automatically cut off the charging current when the temperature is too high to ensure safety.


☆ 11kW, with 5m black cable, meets IEC 62196-2 standard

☆ High safety level, support outdoor use

☆ Certified by CE

☆ 1-year warranty


Current: 16A

Power: 11kW

Plug (EV end): Type 2 Plug

Cable Length: 5m

Phase: Three Phase

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EV Cable (16A 3 Phase 11kW) with 16ft/5m Type 2 Male to Female Extension Cable


☆  Working Current: 32A
☆  Working Voltage: 240V AC

☆  Certificates: CE,UL


  • Strong and long lifespan
  • Meets the latest EN standard
  • Environmentally friendly, halogen-free
  • Resistant to hot and cold weather
  • Resistant to bending and long lifespan



  • Easy-to-clean
  • Unique integrated design
  • Patented temperature control on plugs 
  • Better conductivity and high energy transmission efficiency


☆ Durable and Long Lifespan  

Solid and more durable. The cable has a longer lifespan compared with the normal ones. The sheath is durable even after long exposure to the sun. 


☆ Resistance to Extreme Weather

Resistant to extreme cold and heat. The elasticity and flexibility of the cable can still be maintained even if the temperate is low at -40℃. 


☆ Better Conductivity

The silver plating on the pins makes better conductivity, higher charging efficiency, and effectively reduces heat generation.


☆ Flexible Curvy Design

It's easy to clean and effectively reduce electric sparks.


☆ Unique Design

The plug is easy to insert. It is waterproof and is perfect for an outdoor environment. 


☆ Temperature Control

The patented temperature control system is sensitive to temperature change. Once it detects the temperature is higher than the safety setting, it will cut off the current automatically.


☆ EN Standard

The product meets the latest European (EN) Standard.


☆ Environmental Friendly

More environmentally friendly, halogen-free (Halogen cable is a source of pollution, which is not allowed in EU and some regions of USA)

☆ TPU Cable

Material is more resistant to bending. TPU material protects the internal wiring despite repeated bending and ensures durability. 

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