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How Malaysian EV Owners Can Charge Their Vehicles at Condominiums?

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity in Malaysia, more people living in condominiums are wondering how they can charge their vehicles. Charging an EV in a condominium can be challenging, but there are several options available for condominium residents in Malaysia who want to charge their EVs.

  1. Level 1 Charging - 3-Pin Portable Chargers

The easiest way to charge an EV in a Malaysian condominium is to use a standard Level 1 charging station. This option uses a 3-pin plug portable charger that is suitable for all 3-pin outlets. Level 1 charging is the slowest method of charging, but it is also the easiest and least expensive. All you need is a standard 240V outlet, and you can charge your EV overnight. However, Level 1 charging typically takes a long time to charge an EV, which may not be suitable for those who frequently drive long distances. It may also burden the electrical wiring system and the condo management may not allow it as they cannot measure and charge you accordingly. Some condo managements may allow it, but only charge a flat rate such as RM100 per month.


  • You have your own portable charger, and can charge anytime at your convenience.

  • You buy your own portable charger and pay for electricity.


  • 3-pin outlets may not be available at your designated parking bay.

  • The condo management may not allow charging at your designated parking bay.

  • It may heavily burden the electrical wiring system.

2. Level 2 Charging - Your Own AC Chargers

If you need to charge your EV faster, you can install a Level 2 charging station in your designated parking bay at the condominium. This option uses AC chargers available at 7kW, 11kW, and 22kW, depending on your car's charging capacity and electricity supply availability. Level 2 charging can add around 2 hours to fully charge a PHEV and around 4-5 hours to fully charge an EV, making it much faster than Level 1 charging. However, Level 2 charging stations are more expensive to install and may require the services of a licensed electrician. The installation must be properly carried out by a licensed electrician and the charger costs a few thousand Ringgit, from RM3000 up to RM7000, depending on the model.


  • You have your own charger, and can charge anytime at your convenience.

  • You pay for your own charger and electricity.


  • The condo management may not allow installation at your designated parking bay due to limited electricity at each parking level, which may be unfair to other residents and lead to future complaints.

  • You pay for your own charger and installation, and if you move in the future, the installation cannot be moved and will have to be taken over by the next resident.

  • You may not always use the charger, which would be a waste if you cannot share it with other residents when they need it.

*EvGuru offers EV charger installation service at your parking bay, we will communicate with your management on your behalf.

3. Shared Charging Stations

Another option for condominium residents is to use a shared charging station at the condominium. Many condominiums are gradually installing shared charging stations in their common areas. These charging stations are typically Level 2 chargers, and residents can share the cost of installation and maintenance. Shared charging stations are a great option for those who do not want to install their own charging station.


  • Allows EV owners to share the cost of installation and maintenance.

  • More cost-effective than installing a charging station individually.

  • Encourages EV adoption and sustainability within the condominium community.


  • May require coordination with other EV owners to schedule charging times.

  • If the shared charging station is busy, you may not be able to charge your EV when you need it, but more chargers can be added if the number of users increases.

*EvGuru offers EV charger installation service at your condominium. We will communicate with your management on your behalf and answer the JMB (Joint Management Body). Find out more below.

4. Workplace Charging

If your workplace offers EV charging stations, you may be able to conveniently charge your EV during work hours. Many Malaysian employers now offer charging stations as an employee benefit, making it easier for their employees to drive electric. If your workplace is within a reasonable distance from your condominium, you can use your workplace charging station to charge your EV during the day.


  • Provides an additional charging option, allowing you to charge your EV while you work.

  • Saves time, as you can charge your vehicle while you are at work and avoid making an extra trip to a public charging station.


  • Workplace charging may not always be available, depending on the availability of charging stations at your workplace.

  • You cannot use it on weekends or holidays when you are not at work.

  • If the number of EVs at your workplace increases, there may not be enough charging stations to go around, and your employer may not be liable to provide more chargers.

  • If you change your employment in the future, you may not have access to workplace charging stations anymore.

*EvGuru offers EV charger installation service at your office buildings. We will communicate with the building manager directly. Find out more below.

In conclusion, there are several options available for Malaysian condominium residents who want to charge their EV. Whether you choose to install your own charging station, use a shared charging station, or rely on public charging stations, you can find a solution that works for you. With EVs becoming more affordable and more popular, it is important for Malaysian condominiums to accommodate EV owners and provide them with the necessary infrastructure to charge their vehicles.

*EvGuru offers solutions for all scenarios above.

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