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Which Charger is the Best for Your Home EV Charger? 7kW or 22kW?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Global EV sales have been exceeding expectations as more people jump ship and embrace green energy. And while this is good news, the mass adoption of electric vehicles means the need for charging systems rises. And especially for EV owners looking to charge their cars from home, very few know the appropriate at-home charger.

Do I get a 7kW charger? Or maybe the 22kW charger will do? Does the latter charge faster than the former? This article will highlight different aspects to help you pick the best charger for your specific housing needs.

So, without further introductions, let's dive in!

The Difference in Charging Speed: 7kw and 22kw

Twenty-two might be over three times the number seven, but does it mean the 22kW charger is three times faster? It should be on paper, but this is not usually the case. Here's why:

The current from the EV charger comes in AC form, and it needs to be converted to DC to charge your car's battery. Electric vehicles come with an onboard charger to convert the current from AC to DC, and as you'd expect, every manufacturer uses a different capacity for the onboard charger. In Malaysia, for instance, most EVs come with an 11kW onboard charger. With such a charger capacity, the car can only receive a maximum of 11kW.

Some of the common EV models with this capacity (11kW) charger include:

  • Tesla Model S/X/Y

  • Mini Cooper SE

  • Ioniq 5

  • Kia EV6

  • Hyundai Kona

  • BMW iX /i4

Others with a smaller capacity include:

  • Tesla Model 3 (7kW)

  • Kona eLite (7kW)

  • Nissan Leaf (6kW)

  • Hybrid vehicles (3.7kW)

So, yes! The 22kW model charges three times faster, but only when your EV's onboard charger supports it. For instance, Porsche Taycan (4 CT, 4S CT, GTS, and Turbo CT) and the latest Renault Zoe are ideal choices if you want to feel the difference. For instance, with the latter having a 52kW battery, a 7kW charger takes 7 hours, while the 22kW charger takes 2.5 hours.

How Much is the 22kW Charger? Is it 3X More Expensive?

No! The cost of a 22kW charger is not three times that of a 7kW charger. For instance, our 22kW EvGuru Basic is RM3,329.00 only, while a 7kW EvGuru Basic charger is RM2,646.00. As you can see, the difference is only RM683.00 (minus installation).

The main difference in cost comes when you want to install the charger. A 22kW charger requires a 3-phase wiring configuration, while a 7kW doesn't. For this reason, if you have a single-phase power configuration for your home, you'll have to upgrade it accordingly before installing the 22kW charger.

The cost of upgrading your power configuration ranges between RM300 and RM1,250 depending on whether it's an overhead or underground supply.

Note: EVs with an 11kW charger will also require a 3-phase power configuration, so the upgrading cost applies.

Conclusion? Do you go for a 7kW or a 22kW charger?

In conclusion, the decision on whether to buy a 7kW or 22kW charger will depend on the following two factors:

  • Your EVs onboard charger capacity

  • The cost difference between the two chargers

If you want to buy a home EV charger, please visit this page. If you want a commercial charger, please visit this page

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