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EO, Probably One of The Most Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions Globally

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

With the boom in electric cars, the EV market is flooded with new entrants, making it a hotspot for swindlers. Luckily, EO has made it easy to navigate through the process of owning and driving a new electric car. And for first-time EV drivers, having a one-stop hub for all your charging needs is a game-changer.

EO boasts far-reaching experience, with a team of specialists ready to welcome you to the EV world. In addition, the specialists are more than happy to hold your hands, providing vital information on everything you need to know about electric car charging station purchase and installation.

EO is probably one of the most comprehensive EV charging solutions globally, supporting at-home, business, and fleet charging.

Regarding home charging solutions, EO caters to everyone - whether you live in a landed house or a condominium. In addition, it comes with a dedicated mobile application. This way, you can schedule charging, check on the charging output, monitor the live charging status, and more!

Business and fleet charging is definitely EO charging solution's stronghold. Some of the largest brands in the world, such as Amazon, DHL, and Sainbury's have already adopted EV delivering their online orders. It makes perfect sense with the skyrocketing fuel prices.

Fuel prices are one of the main costs in online businesses as they rely on fleets to deliver their goods to customers. For this reason, these companies have selected the best EVs and charging systems to cut down their costs. Notably, they picked EO. An indicator that EO is the wisest charging option, especially for your business needs.

Besides, EO Smart charging caters to business charging, like car parks at office buildings, shopping malls, outdoor car parks, retail, etc. Whether you want to make money from the charging stations or provide the facility free to your customers or employees, the EO business charging solution covers everything.

The live reporting feature especially allows users to view the charging status of all stations, even if the charging stations are not in the same place. The possibilities are simply endless.

Overall, the company is the largest EV charger brand in the UK. And even with the short time EO has been in operation, it has been ranked 45th in the Top 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Why Buy EO Products From Us?

EvGuru is an authorised reseller of the EO brand in Malaysia and South East Asia. We have excelled in their assessments, validating our expertise, capability, and knowledge in the EV Charging industry.

Besides guiding you when choosing the best charging solution for your EV car, we'll help you bypass the tedious work of sorting through multiple quotes, assessing individual costs, and figuring out the paperwork. And especially for people living in flats and shared spaces, getting the correct permits and rebates can be tedious without proper guidance.

Notably, EVGURU's team of electricians is there throughout the process to ensure every installation follows the international code and standards. And the best part about it is our catalogue meets the EU, UK and US standards. And unlike the competition, there are no hidden charges – the costs are open and transparent.

Something else about us is we pride ourselves on emphasising safety and efficiency. EVGURU is driven by the need to enhance EV adoption by providing safer and more efficient EV charging solutions to the Malaysian market. And with the extensive industry experience and customer-driven programs, you can expect consistently improved performance and product expansion in the coming years.

Lastly, as a professional EV Charger supplier and specialist installation brand, we spread our nets to cover home and commercial markets. So, whether you want a charging station at home or for your business' employees or clients, there's something for everyone.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons to trust EO electric car charging products. In addition, the collaboration between EO and EVGURU ensures you get the best EV charging solutions swiftly and on time. And the best part about it is we're the reseller in Malaysia, and South East Asia, so more reasons to trust our services.

Being a reseller for such a massive brand means EO has done due diligence and trusts our abilities to deliver the EV charging solutions. And by combining our long-standing experience and the drive to enhance electric car adoption, our customers have enough reason to rejoice.

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