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Advantages Of Electric Vehicles (EVs) Over Diesel/Petrol Cars

Are you looking to buy a car and unsure whether you want an electric or petroleum-powered one? Well, you've come to the right place. Whether this is your first car or another one to add to your garage, we'll help you decide what way to go.

This article will highlight why you should consider getting an electric vehicle instead of a diesel/petrol car. Of course, every car has its pros and cons, but we believe EVs' advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

So, without further introductions, let's dive in:

Low Running Cost

I like to use the Hard Disc Drive (HDD)and Solid-State Drive (SSD) analogy with this one. Like SSD, an electric vehicle has fewer moving parts than a conventional fuel-powered car. For this reason, there's less risk of breaking down, and maintenance is easier, less frequent, and overall cheaper.

Of course, the initial buying price is slightly higher for electric vehicles, but the price has declined from one year to the next. The battery prices have reduced from RM2700 (USD 650) per kilowatt-hour in 2010 to RM460 (USD 109) €100 per kilowatt-hour at present. And the best part about it is experts expect the prices to plummet further in the years leading to 2024 and 2026.

So yeah, the purchase price is gradually going down, and so are the running costs. Recharging your car is more affordable than buying petroleum or diesel. In addition, maintenance is less frequent and cheaper for electric-powered cars.

No More Gas

Even before the war in Ukraine, petrol and diesel prices were on the rise, with most car owners complaining about the inconvenience. With the war raging on, most parts of the world are experiencing fuel shortages and more price hikes.

At the moment, the average Malaysian spends RM0.232/km to drive a petrol/diesel-powered car, while an EV owner uses a fourth (RM0.0513/km) of the same. An EV thus takes you away from the expensive cost of driving—no more gas hustles.


As more people have adopted electric cars, countries and institutions have increased the number of charging stations so that new car owners can charge their cars conveniently. In addition, installing a domestic charging station is easier than ever, and you don't need much either – just a certified electrician and a few provisions.

With an at-home charging station, you only need to plug in the car at night and drive off in the morning. And the best part about it is that mobile apps and other tech developments make it easy to monitor and adjust your charging setting to match your exact needs. In addition, there are different types of chargers depending on your car model and desired charging speed. And with a certified electrician overseeing the p1roject, you can charge multiple EVs at the same time.

Cleaner Environment

Besides the convenience and low running cost, the goal of using electric cars is to reduce emissions and promote global green living. EVs are eco-friendly because they run on electrically powered engines. This means that no toxic gasses are emitted, and the environment is cleaner. So, whether you're passionate about the environment or not, using an electric car helps you contribute to a healthy and green globe.

  1. Please!

As stressed before, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than their diesel/petrol-powered counterparts. For this reason, driving the car means a quiet experience – no engine noises. Quiet driving can be especially essential in big cities and towns with noise pollution. You can drive your car peacefully, drinking in what nature has to offer. After all, who said solo drives couldn't be therapeutic anymore.

And that's it! Electric cars are a step above the rest in multiple facets. The initial buying price might be slightly higher, but the resulting convenience, low running cost, and green earth promotion are undeniable. In addition, more and more people are buying electric cars, and the popularity only fuels creativity and convenience as the manufacturers set to outdo each other.

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