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Electric Vehicle Charging Operators in Malaysia

The global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles is gaining momentum. While Malaysia has been somewhat slower in adopting EVs compared to other nations, there are promising signs of change. The Malaysian government has introduced various incentives, including tax exemptions and grants for charging infrastructure, to encourage EV adoption. However, the accessibility and reliability of charging infrastructure remain crucial for further EV growth. This is where Electric Vehicle Charge Point Operators (CPOs) come into play.

Understanding Charge Point Operators

An EV Charge Point Operator, or CPO, is a company responsible for the installation, maintenance, and provision of charging services for EV owners. These charging stations can be found at various locations, such as public parking areas, shopping centres, and service stations.

CPOs typically offer a range of charging options, including fast chargers that can charge an EV's battery to 80% capacity in approximately 30 minutes, as well as slow chargers, which are better suited for long-hours charging, whether at residences, offices, and even malls where users spend long hours. Some companies also provide subscription or pay-as-you-go payment plans, loyalty schemes, and incentives for frequent users.

The role of CPOs has become increasingly vital as the number of EVs on the road continues to grow. Beyond serving EV owners, these companies play a pivotal role in developing the essential EV charging infrastructure required to support the EV market's expansion.

List of Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in Malaysia: Below is a list of active EV CPOs in Malaysia, presented in no specific order:

ChargEV is the largest CPO in Malaysia, boasting over 300 public charging stations. Launched in 2015, GreenTech Malaysia, a government agency under the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change, has been actively expanding their charging network across the nation. ChargEV users pay an annual membership fee of RM240 and can access both free and pay-per-use charging stations. An app is available for pricing information.

Operated by EV Connection (EVC), JomCharge has a network of 65 chargers located in the Klang Valley and along highways. Their mission is to promote Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) adoption by offering a fast and convenient charging network. Users can access JomCharge's chargers through their app on a pay-per-use basis, without any membership subscription requirement.

Wholly owned by Petronas, Gentari is a clean energy solutions company launched in June 2022. It aims to offer 9,000 public charging points in Malaysia and India by 2026. As of December 2022, Gentari has partnered with JomCharge and installed approximately 50 chargers that can be activated via Petronas' Setel app or the JomCharge app.

Shell Recharge is available at Shell gas stations and various public locations. Shell has partnered with ParkEasy to offer smart parking bays with EV charging capabilities. Their charging network features high-performance charging (HPC) with 180kW direct-current (DC) chargers, significantly reducing charging times. Users can reserve and activate chargers through the ParkEasy app, offering a unique reservation mechanism.

EvGuru offers its services through the EvGuru Charge app, and the company excels, particularly in residential areas, encompassing both landed properties and high-rise condominiums. Notably, they have a substantial portfolio of condominiums, featuring the highest number of EV charging stations in such locations across Malaysia. Additionally, EvGuru extends its charging infrastructure to hospitals, hotels, Langkawi port, and various other venues

The company also helps businesses establish EV charging stations to generate revenue throughout Malaysia. Please find out more below.

In conclusion, the growth of EV adoption in Malaysia is intrinsically tied to the development and expansion of the EV charging infrastructure, driven by these dedicated Charge Point Operators. As Malaysia continues its journey towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, these CPOs are essential contributors to a cleaner, greener future for the country.

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