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Top 5 Must-Have EV Accessories for New Owners in Malaysia

Just dropped some serious cash and purchased your first EV Car? Having an electric car is a big win in long-term sustainability, but you’ll want to have the right EV accessories so you can make the most of your eco-friendly car.

With so many EV accessories available in Malaysia, it can be daunting for a first-time EV owner to decide what they want and what’s a more niche need. Lucky for you, we at EvGuru have curated the top 5 EV accessories (besides Charging Cables and Adaptors ), you’ll want to have to make the best of your vehicle. From fundamental chargers to nifty add-ons, these EV accessories will make vehicle ownership way easier for you so you can enjoy what’s really important: a comfortable and fun ride in your brand-new vehicle.

Here are our Top 5 Picks (Top 5 Must-Have EV Accessories):

1. Home Charging Stations: The Heart of the EV Ecosystem

Easily the first purchase that should be on your agenda, a home charging station is like having a personal fuel station right in your garage. Remember, the best thing that a personal vehicle offers is convenience. These smart EV accessories provide independence from public charging networks, and the ability to charge your vehicle overnight can help you in those pesky emergencies and early morning long drives. With a ton of EV home charging accessories available in the Malaysian Market it’s hard to make a choice. We’d recommend our EV Guru range of chargers that offer easy installation and a variety of charger types to fit your budget & home’s structure. While Home Charging Stations can be a bit expensive, remember that they’re not merely an EV accessory, but an investment in your vehicle's everyday readiness and efficiency.


2. Portable Chargers: Your Assurance of Freedom

If you’re an avid explorer and sometimes prefer to plan things on the go, a portable EV charger should be the next item on your list. While we could talk a ton about their value and features, you’ll know their importance yourself when they get you out of a bind if you lose your charge in the middle of nowhere! 

With a ton of areas in Malaysia that still have a developing EV infrastructure, these provide a great backup plan. A remote EV charging accessory offers peace of mind, knowing that you're prepared for any situation, whether it's a long journey or an unexpected detour. Additionally, you might find that some many when using EV charging in Malaysia, public chargers can sometimes be quite slow and only support Level 1 charging. In these situations, portable EV chargers offer a faster charging option as they are direct current (DC) chargers that significantly reduce charging time. Check out EV Guru’s range of portable chargers.


3. Smartphone Mounts: A more personal smart screen

While it’s more than likely that your EV comes with a smart screen or interface built in, not everyone loves them.  If you're anything like me, your smartphone is practically an extension of your arm—it's your navigator, DJ, and digital co-pilot all rolled into one.

As much as you love it, you don’t want to fumble with your phone while driving and godforbid; get a ticket. This is precisely where a smartphone mount accessory for your EV—it keeps your digital buddy safe, secure, and right where you need it. Whether it's clipping onto your air vent, suctioning to the dashboard, or sticking to the windshield, there's a mount for every preference and car layout.

From navigation to controlling your EV's charging schedule, a reliable mount ensures that you can communicate and use media in your car without distracting yourself from the road ahead. And let's not forget about those charging capabilities— newer mounts that are specifically built as EV-exclusive accessories even come with built-in wireless charging, ensuring your device stays juiced up, no matter how long the journey.


4. EV Plug Adaptor - CCS2 to CHAdeMO: The Bridge for Your Charging Needs

Meet the GuruConvert CCS2 to CHAdeMO EV Plug Adaptor, your solution to CCS2 and CHAdeMO charging station compatibility issues. This compact adapter transforms a CCS2 plug to fit your EV's CHAdeMO input, enabling access to a broader range of public DC chargers. Crafted with a screwless riveting process for durability and lightness, it’s designed to resist pressure and impact, ensuring reliability. Perfect for EV owners in Malaysia seeking charging flexibility, the GuruConvert Adaptor is a key accessory for hassle-free, anywhere charging.

5. EV Charge Covers & Guards: Shielding Your Power Source 

Here’s something that doesn’t instantly pop into your mind – EV Charging Guards and cover accessories. Your EV's charging port is pretty important and essentially acts as an energy source for your ride. But, just like any superhero has its kryptonite, your charging ports havetheir own—water, dust, and the occasional bump or scratch. That's where charging guards and charge covers come swooping in. These nifty little EV add-ons keep that charging port in tip-top shape.

• Charging Guards: These trusty sidekicks provide an extra layer of protection against physical damage. Ever worried about those tight parking spots or the unpredictable elements when you're charging up outside? A charging guard has got your back, helping shield your port from any accidental knocks or bumps that could come its way. They also protect your expensive charger against tampering and theft.

• Charge Covers: Now, these are the unsung heroes against the big bad enemy that is harsh weather, dust & water. Imagine pulling up to charge and finding your port's got a bunch of leaves, dust, or even snow blocking the way. Not cool, right? A good charge cover keeps all that gunk out, ensuring your charging port is clean, dry, and ready for action, no matter where you are.

Top 5 Essential EV Accessories for Malaysian Owners - EV Guru - Charge Covers

6. EV Air compressors & tire repair kits

Finally, we come to maintenance with air compressors and tire repair kits. Now, I know these vehicle accessories might not be the flashiest gadgets in your EV arsenal, but trust me, they're your road trip MVPs, ready to tackle any tire troubles head-on, especially when you’re talking on more challenging off-road routes across the country.

Imagine cruising down a serene, tree-lined avenue or rolling through the city streets looking for some tasty Apam Balik. Suddenly, your tire pressure warning light lights up in a frenzyon your dashboard. Not the best timing, right? This is where your trusty air compressor steps in. Compact, efficient, and ever so reliable, it’s these EV repair accessories can be powered directly through your car. A few minutes, and you’re back on the road, tire troubles left in the dust.

Alright, let's wrap our quick stroll down EV accessory lane, shall we? Decking out your EV with these add-ons is like giving your ride superpowers—each one adding a bit of flair and function, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the road throws your way. If you’re looking to learn more about EVs and want a professional team to guide you through their intricacies, check out our blog.

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