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Perodua To Launch A Hybrid In 2024, While Proton Aims to Make EV Debut In 2027

While electrification is gaining popularity, not all brands will adopt it immediately. Proton and Perodua, the two national automakers in Malaysia, have stated that they are not planning to enter the market soon, as confirmed in a recent investor note from RHB Investment Bank.

As mentioned in the investor note, Proton is projected to unveil its first electric vehicle in 2027, and Perodua plans on launching its first hybrid electric vehicle in 2024. This news aligns with previous statements made by Proton, confirming their plans to produce and launch their inaugural EV by 2027.

The information regarding Perodua's plans to introduce a hybrid vehicle in 2024 has been introduced previously. The company had previously announced in 2019 that they would be entering the EV market with hybrid cars, reaffirming this in November 2020. The most recent development is the specific timeline of 2024 for the launch, which is earlier than previously announced.

It's worth noting that Perodua has already established a presence in the hybrid market through its leasing program of the Ativa Hybrid. The company announced in August 2020 that it would import 300 Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrid units for research and evaluation. This program, by invitation only, is intended to gather data over five years and would serve as a valuable tool in developing their hybrid vehicle.

As the reports suggest, if Perodua plans to launch a hybrid vehicle in the coming year, the Ativa Hybrid will likely be the debut model. It would seem logical because it is currently the only hybrid in Daihatsu's portfolio. However, it would be unusual to have a long-term leasing program alongside direct sales of a vehicle that is essentially the same, although it could be seen as a way to evaluate the market and customer preference for the car before selling it.

As Daihatsu had previously announced that they would introduce more hybrid offerings after the Rocky e-Smart Hybrid, the planned vehicle for Perodua could be another model. The market will have to wait to find out what the manufacturer will unveil next in hybrid cars.

Proton's electrification plans will take significantly more time than other companies. While cost considerations are a significant factor in the company's decision-making process, as with Perodua, the specifics of Proton's electric offerings have yet to be defined.

Proton's deputy CEO, Roslan Abdullah, has stated that the company is taking a strategic approach to its electrification plans by selecting the most appropriate technology at a competitive price. He noted that technology is constantly evolving, and there may be new competitors with more advanced and cost-effective electric vehicle technology in the next few years. To that end, he said that the company is researching the technology and local market to determine the most feasible, sustainable, and affordable for the company and its customers.

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