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How Much Does it Cost to Own an EV Charger In Malaysia?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Level 1 Charger

When you buy an electric vehicle, it comes with a Level 1 charger. The simple charger, usually called the 'granny charger' by EV drivers, has a 1.7kW power rating and is compatible with a 3-pin plug, making it a slow charging solution. In fact, it's meant to be an emergency option, only used when you're in an emergency.

For instance, a Level 1 charger takes 20 hours to charge a 30kWh EV from 0%. There's no way a 20-hour charge/day is viable, especially for a daily driver. Right?

Unlike your household items, an EV charger has a high Ampere requirement. In addition, the power needed is over an extended period, raising the risk of electrical hazards. So, even if a home wall socket supports a maximum of 13 Amp and a Level 1 granny charger requires only 8 Amp, we don't recommend using the wall socket for a long duration.

Note: Theoretically, charging your EV on a wall socket is possible if the socket is not looped/shared. However, doing so increases the risk of electrical hazards.

You can find Level 1 3 pin charger and other portable chargers here

Level 2 (7kW - 22kW EV Charger)

A 7kW Level 2 fast charger is different. It requires a 32 Amp current, meaning the wall socket can't support the power requirement. In addition, the cables would heat up and melt, starting a fire in the process.

As a safety precaution, the electrician will install a new set of breakers when installing a wall box charger at home. In addition, the cable connecting to the EV charger is thicker to handle the 32 Amp current. Changing the cables to match the Ampere requirement underlines the importance of having a certified electrician/engineer.

How Much Does Installing a Level 2 Home EV Charger Cost in Malaysia?

Regardless of the location, the cost of installing your EV charger boils down to the charger's market price and installation service cost. In Malaysia, a 7kW EV charger costs RM3,000 - RM5,900 while a 22kW model costs RM3,500 - RM 7,900.

At EVGuru, our installation services start from RM1650. We request information about your vehicle, house condition, electricity support, etc. Please find the questions in the link below, Get Quote.

We can determine the cable length and installation method required from the information and give you an exact price for the installation service.

Like everything else, some people promise to do the job for as little as RM500. Too good to be true. Huh? Well, I wouldn't trust anyone that cheap. They usually don't hire a certified electrician and use low-quality components, which do not comply with the Energy Commission requirements (Suruhanjaya Tenaga).

Remember, our installation services must meet strict industry standards to enhance electrical safety. We don't compromise on quality, so all our products are the best on the market. For instance, our circuit breakers are Type Test Certified with IEC 60898 Standard.

EvGuru offers one of the most affordable EV chargers and installation services in the market. We are one of the leaders in the industry.

If you wish to get a quote for installing a home EV charger, please visit this page.

If you wish to have a charging station for commercial use, please visit here or contact us directly, Commercial Chargers.

Is Upgrading to A 3-Phase A Must When Installing an EV Charger?

No, if your house only has a single phase. We can provide a single-phase EV charger. it takes long hours to charge your vehicle fully. However, just plug it in before you head to bed, and it will be fully charged the next morning!

Upgrading to 3 phase requires a lot of work and will need to apply with TNB. It's a long process and costs a lot of money and effort. It may not be worth the effort if the intention is just to cut down a few hours of charging.

A 3-phase wiring configuration is found in offices, warehouses, and large or new homes with greater power demands and multiple high-intensive appliances.

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