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You Can Conveniently Charge Your Electric Vehicle (EV) At Home? At an Affordable Rate

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Yes, you can easily install an EV Charger at home and charge your EV at a low price!

One of the most common reasons people do not wish to switch to environmentally-friendly vehicles is the fear of too few EV charging facilities.

People are afraid that their battery will run out of charge before reaching their destination. Yet, charging stations are not as well distributed as petrol stations, at least not in Malaysia. For this reason, most people prefer to stick with the traditional petrol cars.

But do you know that you can easily install an EV charger at home at a very affordable rate?

Imagine you drive for work during the day. Once you get back home, insert the cable into your EV, and it will start charging. And the best part about it is the vehicle will be fully charged after 2 – 5 hours (depending on your vehicle model, battery size, charging power, etc.).

The charger will automatically stop charging once the vehicle is fully charged. You can leave it until the following day and drive to work! How convenient is that?

Some of the chargers available at shopping malls and government buildings are DC chargers (super-fast chargers that can fully charge a vehicle in less than an hour). However, it's inconvenient and time-consuming. Think about it. You have to drive there, check if the chargers are available, and wait for other cars to charge and move before getting to the DC charger.

Despite the charging time only taking an hour, the entire experience would be a nightmare and cost more effort and time. And if you have two EVs, your suffering experience will be doubled.

Now, you may be worried about the price of installing an EV Charger at home. Here, we make a sample comparison:

Sample scenario (Driving for 100km):

EV Model:

The recent very popular Hyundai Ioniq EV

Consumes: 13kW/100km

Electricity Price: RM0.3945 per kW (at an average)

Total: RM5.13 per 100km (13*RM0.3945 = RM5.13)

Petrol Car:

The popular Honda City (One of the most popular car models in Malaysia)

Consumes: 5.8 litres of petrol/100km

Petrol Price: RM4.00 per litre (23 March 2022)

Total: RM23.20 pe\r 100km (5.8 * RM4 = RM23.20)

It's a surprising fourfold difference!!!

If you pay RM250 per month for petrol for one vehicle, you could save RM194.70 per month. And it's RM2336.40 per annum.

If there are two cars in your household, which happens very often in Malaysia, you save RM4,672.80 per annum!

EvGuru offers one of the most affordable EV charger and installation services in Malaysia. The starting price of an EV charger and installation services is lower than the RM4,672.80 above! Moreover, if you use the two electric cars for five years, you save up to RM23,700!

And the best part about it is the EV Charger is all yours, and you can charge as many EVs as you want!

Never forget that Malaysia enjoys one of the lowest petrol prices globally, and it's still four times more expensive than using EVs.

Other Asia Pacific regions such as Singapore and Hong Kong easily go up to 6-7 times the difference. These massive differences in cost add to the reasons to embrace electric vehicles.

Despite the price difference between EVs and conventional cars, the gap is getting smaller each year when more and more car brands enter the EV industry. Soon, the prices will be about the same as petrol cars, especially considering the production of an EV is a lot easier than a petrol car (EV does not have a combustion engine, the most complicated and expensive part of a petrol car). Also, EVs, in general, are more durable and require lower maintenance costs than petrol cars.

Up-to-date (March 2022), Malaysia does not have a specific timeline banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. However, most countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, etc., revealed that they would ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in mid-2030.

Therefore, we can assume that it will be the trend and that buying a petrol car would be more complicated than getting an EV in the near future. For this reason, it only makes sense you get an EV charger now to prepare for the future.

What are you waiting for? Get an EV now and hire EvGuru to install your awesome Electric Vehicle Home Charger!

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