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Elevate Your Tesla with Nappa Leather Seat Covers


Give your Tesla Model 3 a lavish upgrade with our Tesla Model 3 & Y Nappa Leather Seat Covers. It's all about the comfort, protection, and luxury you deserve.




  • Perfect Fit, Ultimate Protection: These seat covers are made exclusively for Tesla Model 3 (2017-2023). They're like a tailor-made suit for your seats, with 14 individual pieces providing the best protection and comfort.
  • Premium Nappa Leather: You'll be sitting on top-quality Nappa leather. It's not just about durability; it's about the luxurious softness and style that Nappa leather brings to your Tesla's interior.
  • Stay Cool and Comfortable: Our seat covers have smart ventilation holes. They make sure you're comfy on long drives by enhancing airflow and breathability. Don't worry; they won't interfere with your seat heaters.
  • Your Style, Your Choice: Choose between full surround or half surround styles. Full surround covers every nook and cranny, including the Anti-kick plate behind the front seats. The half surround focuses on the seat itself, giving you the flexibility to suit your needs.
  • Easy Installation: We provide a detailed installation guide video, so you'll have these covers on in no time. If you need a hand, our customer support team is ready to assist.


Transform your Tesla's interior into a haven of style, comfort, and protection. Upgrade with Nappa leather seat covers that are as unique as your car. Discover a new level of luxury – order yours now!

Tesla Model 3 & Y Nappa Leather Seats Covers

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10-15 Business Days for Tesla Accessories

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