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Rediscover Comfort in Your Tesla


Experience driving like never before with our Tesla Model 3 & Y Car Headrest Neck Pillow. Designed for your well-being and backed by innovation, this is the comfort upgrade your Tesla needs.




  • Total Neck Support: Our ergonomically designed concave headrest gets up close and personal with your neck's unique curves. Multiple fulcrums work together to relieve neck pain and evenly disperse pressure while driving. Say goodbye to discomfort.
  • Sustainable Comfort: With Dupont Sustans® padding, you're getting the best in eco-friendly comfort. This padding combines USA Dupont company's Sorona polyester fiber with renewable biological fiber, offering a three-dimensional helical structure. It's warm, plush, and easy to clean. The eco-conscious choice.
  • Luxury Nappa Leather: Your Tesla deserves the best. Premium Nappa leather complements your car's interior. Silky, soft, and adaptable to all seasons. Plus, it's a breeze to clean, especially during the winter. No more worrying about fuzzy adhesion.
  • Adjust to Perfection: We know one size doesn't fit all. Choose from different height hooks for installation based on your personal needs. It's a thoughtful design for the ultimate driving comfort.
  • Durable: No more unsightly exposed straps. Our innovative leather straps remain neatly hidden in the gap between your car seat and headrest. They won't deform or loosen, ensuring a lasting, comfortable experience. Elastic straps are also included for added convenience.


Upgrade your Tesla's interior with a new level of comfort and style. Rediscover the joy of driving with our Headrest Neck Pillow. Order yours today!

Tesla Model 3 & Y Car Headrest Neck Pillow (Micro Fiber Memory Foam)

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