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Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3 & Y with the Water Cup Holder Insert


Experience the ultimate convenience and cleanliness with our Car Cup Holder designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Made from high-quality TPE, this cup holder is not only durable but also environmentally friendly and odorless, ensuring a pleasant and safe driving experience.




  • Keep Drinks Secure: Say goodbye to spills and messes. Our cup holder insert features a custom-molded interior space that keeps water bottles, cans, and regular cups stable and secure even on bumpy roads. Now you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about them tipping over and causing a mess in your car.
  • Maintain a Tidy Car: We understand the importance of keeping your original cup holder clean and organized. With our cup holder insert, you can easily maintain a tidy and clean interior. The perfect fit ensures a seamless integration with the original center console, while its retractable and extendable design eliminates any unwanted noise from cup movement. Additionally, it doubles as a small trash can, helping you keep your car clutter-free.
  • High Quality and Perfect Match: Crafted with precision, our cup holder insert is designed to match the aesthetics of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y seamlessly. Its anti-skid and shock absorption properties provide a secure grip and protection for your beverages.
  • Easy to Install & Remove: Installing and removing our cup holder insert is a breeze. The soft and tough TPE material allows for effortless removal, cleaning, and reinstallation. No more struggling with crumbs or sticky substances. Simply take it out, wash it, and reinstall it for a fresh and clean cup holder experience.


Upgrade your Tesla Model 3/Model Y with our Car Cup Holder Insert and enjoy a more convenient, tidy, and enjoyable driving experience. Say goodbye to spills and messes, and hello to effortless organization.

Tesla Model 3 & Y Car Cup Holder Insert


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