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This is a three-phase control box with maximum power (7.2kW/16kW), equipped with multiple adapters, which is convenient for use in different environments. The performance is stable, the operation is simple, the charging time and other charging parameters can be set, and it has a perfect protection mechanism. The control box can automatically identify the different adapters connected, automatically set single-phase three-phase charging, and limit the corresponding maximum charging current to ensure safe use.

The product will automatically identify the adapter, limit the maximum charging current, and automatically select three-phase and single-phase charging modes according to the adapter


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  In the case of single-phase, the maximum charging current is 32A, and the maximum power is 7.2kW

  In the case of three-phase, the maximum charging current is 24A, and the maximum power is 16kW


  Equipped with typeA+6mA leakage protector, Automatic temperature monitoring

  Smart chip to auto-repair faults, Equipped with a full set of adapters

  convenient for use in various environments, Automatically identify different adapters

  Touch screen to set charging parameters, Maximum power 16kW



☆ Plug for 32A :CEE16A/32A/Schuko 16A、UK 13A

☆ Plug for 24A :  CEE16A 3 phase/ 32A 3 phase



Current: 24A , 32A

Power: 7.2kW / 16kW

Power Plug: Schuko , CEE , UK

Plug (EV end): Type 2 Plug

Cable Length: 5m


☆  LED Display

LED display could show the real-time charging status, including time, voltage, current, power and temperature.


☆  Adjustable Current

Customers could adjust different current as their request.Also the charger which equipped the adaptor could automatically identify different plug types and control the current upper limit to keep safe.


☆  Full Link Temperature Monitoring System

Besen's original "full link" temperature control system can protect the temperature of 75 ° and cut off the current for 0.2S when temperature over 75°.


☆  Automatically Intelligent Repair

The smart chip is equipped to automatically repair common charging errors. It could also restart the power to protect the device from stopping charge caused by voltage fluctuation.


☆  IP66, Rolling-resistance System

Rugged shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car.

IP66 ensure the perfect work outdoors in any environment including rain and snow.


☆  Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitor is equipped to detect the temperature of the car-end and the wall-end plugs. 

Once the temperature is detected above 80℃, the current will be cut off immediately. When the temperature returns below 50℃, charging will resume off.


☆  Battery Protection

Accurate monitoring of PWM signal changes, Effective repair of capacitor units, Maintenance of battery life.


☆  High Compatibility

Fully compatible with all EV in the market.


3-Phase Portable EV Charger (7.2kW/16kW) 5m Type 2 Plug & CEE 32A 3 Phase



  • High compatibility
  • High speed charging
  • Equipped Type A+6ma DC filter
  • Automatically Intelligent Repair 
  • Automatically restart function
  • Over-temperature protection 
  • Full-link temperature monitoring system



  • Integrated design 
  • Long working Life
  • Good conductivity
  • Self filter the surface impurities
  • Silver plating design of terminals
  • Real-time temperature monitoring 
  • Heat Sensor guarantee the charging safety



  • LCD display
  • IK10 Rugged enclosure
  • Higher waterproof performance
  • IP66, rolling-resistance system



  • Comfortable to touch
  • Durable and preservative
  • EU standard ,Halogon-free
  • High and cold temperature resistance


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